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Our foundation product that works to balance upper plane energy pathways that contain unwanted resistances and interferences. It gives a sense of renewal by clearing negative energy frequencies. Energy pathways deliver information to all cells enabling them to carry out their predetermined function. Cellular dysfunction occurs when these pathways get cluttered with various thoughts, emotions, and physical/environmental influences. Clear removes the interference(s) and provides your being with the needed information to correct the problem right down to your brain and immune system so healing can manifest. Clear has quantum realm effectiveness to address occurrences in the whole being – body, soul, and spirit, as well as the interconnected nature of the being. Clear also works in the realm of the mind.

“I have been using Clear regularly for the past 5 years. While using this product, I have experienced several positive changes in my life. I used to suffer from a leg length discrepancy that I no longer have in which I attribute to using Clear. I have also noticed an encouraging change in my mood and the way I think about things.”

– Kaylyn D, 21

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