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A Targeted Approach!

We’ve been at work for over 10 years perfecting this quantum physics based solution for complete human wellness.

  • Purpose – To bring healing, truth, and hope to all people and their environment.

  • Vision – To provide a better awareness and new understanding of complete and true health and healing of spirit, soul, and body.

  • Mission – To develop and provide the world with restorative products created with energy for optimal health and well-being.

Our products use frequency communication to identify and fix problems at the root to create a new and better outcome.


Hear from real people who are experiencing real results:

“I have taken Clear and Immune Boost nearly every day for over a year, and one thing that I can’t stress enough about the products is that they bring peace of mind. I am never sick or in pain, and the new experiences of going to college, honing in on a career, and starting an adult life, for example, have not subjected me to the same stresses that my peers are experiencing every day; I owe a lot of that to the products. It is reassuring that by just taking a few seconds out of my day to take Clear and Immune Boost I will have the strength to take every day head on with a clear mind.”

Bryce D, 20

“I experience so much more clarity!! Problems are easier to solve and I have better recall. I consider myself an overall healthy person but with Advanced Science my health has improved, my immune system is stronger, and my physical strength has increased. I just feel really good! Things that would have flustered me or been upsetting in the past, I now laugh about. Clear, Immune Boost, and Truth Remedy are the main products I use now, along with Happy Hormone Balancer. I also use Airwise as it clears my sinus passages and lungs when I’m dealing with allergies.”

Roland O, 74

“My favorite product from Advanced Science is Immune Boost. Taking it faithfully along with Clear, I hardly ever get sick. Not even in the winter when everyone else seems to be coughing or sneezing. On the rare occasion, a virus does get ahold, the severity of the symptoms are nominal and the length of the illness is cut in half or even less! My allergies are better too. I can’t say enough about this product.”

Linda H, 60


Removes frequencies that are inconsistent with the frequency you were given at conception.

Bundle and save!

We offer vairous bundles of our most popular products. Make life easier and save some money while you’re at it! Visit our bundles section to see the options.

“Thoughts are important, but it all wraps back around to what you believe, and where those beliefs come from because your belief is your reality.”


Our Team

At Advanced Science we are dedicated to bringing forth the best wellness products to enhance and transform spirit, soul, and body. We do this by carefully applying universal law to known scientific principles.

Tiffany DuBray, PA

Founder/Chief Scientist

Laura Beck, RN

Director of Operations

Roland Oosterhouse

Business Development

Annie Boerner
Annie Boerner, LMT, IMC

Educator & Practitioner Liaison

We are continually studying energy and the being, as well as the quantum aspects of the being.