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Advanced Science

Advanced Science prides itself on creating the most comprehensive and effective energy products. In creating our products, it was important that we covered every area of the being, including the physical plane. Immune Boost is a product that specifically addresses the physical plane, giving support where and when needed.

It has been mentioned that Clear is the foundation product and needed for complete energy rebalancing and realignment. As Clear is carrying out its tasks, physical symptoms can arise. This happens because there may be a direct energy link to the physical plane from the frequency being exposed and released higher up that may manifest in such a response. Clear does not cause the response, but it exposes the trigger and, as it clears it out, the connection to the physical realm may be exacerbated. Immune Boost is the product that works to support the physical plane as this goes on.

Immune Boost is a very low level energy product whose frequencies target the physical plane and a small part of the ethereal plane, where the transition of the being goes from the seen to the unseen realm. Immune Boost targets plot areas of energy congestion that may arise during the rebalancing process of Clear, or even from direct exposures to energy disruptors in the physical plane. Disruptors such as virus, bacteria, mold, foods, radiation, chemicals, or anything toxic to the physical body. Immune Boost actually enhances immunity and immune system function, and is helpful in removing the toxins. The frequencies of Immune Boost will identify the area of congestion, and apply a frequency to move the disrupting frequency out. This is a natural working of Immune Boost and it excels at its job in the physical realm.

Immune Boost is a mainstay for anyone going through the energy rebalancing and realignment process under the direction of Clear. Immune Boost is the sole supporter of Clear and is necessary to support all the removals of frequencies so the physical part of the being does not become overwhelmed by fatigue or other manifestations. Immune Boost can be increased during times of physical symptom manifestations to help alleviate the discomfort. Always feel free to contact us if you have questions about the use of Immune Boost.

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