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Anyone with a chronic illness or mysterious and seemingly disconnected symptoms can relate to this question. You’ve tried conventional medicine with all the prescriptions and painful tests and procedures… maybe even surgery. And the pain is still there. And maybe it’s even changed or gotten worse. So then you try the alternative route: diet, exercise, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, remedies, oils, potions… those have helped a little, but you still aren’t well. What’s left?!

It’s time to dive deeper. We are so conditioned to think of the physical as just the physical. However, our physical bodies are the manifestation of our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. These are all higher energetic planes of our being and what’s happening there is what trickles down and manifests into our physical bodies.

90% of our mind is subconscious. Only 10% is what we experience as conscious awareness. So messages that we store from the moment we are conceived through the present moment are all there in that 90%. We all have varying false beliefs, such as: “I’m not safe”, “I’m not lovable”, “I’m not worthy”, “I don’t matter”, “I’m a burden”, I’m abandoned”, and so on. Those are NOT true, but usually, come from something we experience before age 6, and because we don’t have the intellectual capacity to properly understand what we might be feeling as babies and young children, we can internalize things incorrectly.

So what does that have to do with this pain you can’t seem to get rid of? Everything. There are lots of other experiences we have in life, in addition to emotions, that can become trapped in the physical body. Couple those with false beliefs, life events, stress, generational baggage, and genetic propensities, and you have a whole lot of energies and interference in the physical body that are attracting toxins, toxic energies and blocking your body’s ability to release and heal.

“But I’ve done all that stuff! And I still don’t feel better – nothing has worked!”

Then it’s time to get uncomfortable and ask the big question:

Do you really want to get better?

“Of course!” Well, then let’s use applied kinesiology and ask your subconscious.

In my nearly 9 years in practice and over 1,000 clients treated, I have approximately 50 clients who hit this wall. There was a deep part of them – in the subconscious mind – that did not want to get well.

Let me repeat: in the subconscious.  This is not a conscious choice.  The conscious mind is often not in agreement with the subconscious mind.  This is more common than you might think.

The reasons vary, but it’s almost always because of an event or experience that was perceived by the brainstem as some type of trauma. Sometimes the life of pain and doctors has, over time, become that person’s identity. And a deep part of them is afraid of what life would be like without it. Or maybe this is the only way they feel cared for and seen – fear of abandonment.  Or perhaps a part of the mind felt that things have been so bad, at least this is familiar and if we let go of it, things could get even worse.  Fear of pain or change or unknown…  There are many cases I could site, but that’s the gist of it.

Our brain is hardwired to keep us alive and if our subconscious mind believes we are in danger of being abandoned or that something scary could happen if the current situation changes, the brain will do everything possible to keep us “safe”. Even if that means keeping the physical body in dysfunction.

“Is it hopeless?!”

No! You can absolutely be well. But it’s truly all up to you. It’s actually much more simple than you might think.  In my practice, I’ve become certified in many different techniques to help us unlayer and clear these things in a way that is peaceful for the client and their body.  But with Advanced Science, it’s even better! In the techniques I’ve used in my office, I can only help the physical body and a bit of the physical energy plane.  With all those different techniques we aren’t getting to those most important governing energy planes in which the Advanced Science products are working.

Clear, Immune Boost and Truth Remedy are able to go into those energy planes and support both, our energetic being and our physical bodies, to clear the interferences that are causing the disruption and dis-ease. They work with you to rebalance the flow of communication that results in freedom of health and wellbeing.

All we need to do is take the step to realize that our subconscious mind could be holding on to things that are not serving us – parts that don’t want to be well –  and be willing to let go of those things with the support of Clear, Immune Boost and Truth Remedy.  When we do this, we are open and receptive to the healing, balance, and vitality that we are designed to enjoy.

One final thought… if this is you, you haven’t done anything wrong. Give yourself grace. Your mind is just doing its job: to keep you safe and keep you alive. I am a big believer in divine timing. If this is just coming to your awareness now, it’s because this is the time. You needed to experience everything you have in order to be ready to take this step. Nothing is ever wasted and time is not lost.

The time is now.

Let’s do this.

~ Annie Boerner

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