What is Advanced Science?

The words advanced science probably conjure up many images and possibilities, but for us they are words that break the barriers of status quo and expand into a frontier of new, different, and better. For ten years, we have been studying and pioneering the use of pure energy to bring about changes and transformations in the connection of the spirit, soul, and body, to strengthen the being and bring it back into alignment with its original design. To us the words advanced science are just what they say, because we take science to an advanced level and put foundational truths to work to accomplish restoration.

At Advanced Science we are dedicated to bringing forth the best wellness products to enhance and transform spirit, soul, and body. We do this by carefully applying universal law to known scientific principles. We use the principles of energy and quantum science to create a product of pure energy that is powerful, precise and able to create change. This is accomplished by reestablishing a new communication message to replace the old one that is inhibiting desirable results throughout the spirit, soul, and body.

Everyone has a frequency that establishes the uniqueness of each individual. This frequency is responsible for producing a flow of energy that lays down the blueprint or energy network of who we are. When this flow of energy encounters resistance, it ceases to flow in a direct and unimpeded manner and it gets off course. The unique and needed energy message that is in the flow of energy to carry out the whole workings of the individual becomes disconnected from where it is supposed to go. Ultimately, creating confusion and wrong messaging within the being. Once the flow of energy is off, all balance ceases to exist.

We at Advanced Science are continually studying energy and the being, as well as the quantum aspects of the being. We have found that reestablishing correct energy flow and proper alignment of energy is paramount to optimizing wholeness and wellness of the spirit, soul, and body. So, we have created pure energy products specific for accomplishing correct energy flow, balance, and alignment. These products are successful at removing any frequency flow interruptors throughout all energy planes and dimensions so proper flow from the original frequency can be carried out. This allows for restoration back to one’s original design to glean from the wholeness that is intended from the original, unique frequency granted to each individual.

Our products are powerful and able to accomplish their task. They have a specific process in which they were designed to carefully carry out. This process takes time. The products are not intended to be used to target any specific symptom or disease. They methodically work within all areas of the being, so ultimately, wholeness and restoration will appear throughout the spirit, soul, and body. They are safe for all ages and should be used according to what is specified on the label.

Meet Our Team

We have a dedicated team to ensure you receive the best quality products and customer service possible. If you have any questions, click here to get in touch.

Tiffany DuBray, PA

Founder/Chief Scientist

Tiffany DuBray has worked in health and wellness for 30 years. She started her career in…

Laura Beck, BSN, RN

Director of Operations

Laura Beck, BSN, RN has been in the health and wellness field for 20 years, but her interest in nutrition…

Roland Oosterhouse

Business Development

Roland Oosterhouse was born and raised in Freemont, Michigan. In 1968, he received…

Annie Boerner

Annie Boerner, LMT, IMC

Educator & Practitioner Liaison

In practice since 2010, Annie Boerner (pronounced “Burner”) is an Integrative Health Practitioner based in Nashville, TN.  She specializes in NST, a technique that integrates…

“Thoughts are important, but it all wraps back around to what you believe, and where those beliefs come from, because your belief is your reality.”

Tiffany DuBray, Founder/Chief Scientist