How is Clear made?2019-06-03T12:47:32-06:00

Each BPA-free bottle is filled with spring water and infused with a proprietary blend and structure of pure energy frequencies specific to Clear.

How does Clear work?2019-06-03T12:48:46-06:00

Clear works by removing interfering frequencies in the energy pathways and balancing the pathways to maximize cellular function. A symptom manifests in the physical body when there is a disturbance in energy communication to the cell. To correct the energy disturbance, the interference must be removed and the pathway reestablished with a balance to reconnect with the cell. When this is complete, the cell repairs and symptoms cease. Clear is specifically designed to carry out this process to completion.

How do I maximize results from Clear?2019-06-03T12:49:42-06:00

When taken daily, Clear is designed for complete restoration, but it will take time for this to occur.

How soon can I expect to see results from using Clear?2019-06-03T12:50:39-06:00

The length of time will vary with each individual, but time and regular use of Clear will manifest results.

How long will I need to take Clear?2019-06-03T12:51:46-06:00

This will vary with each individual. Clear should be taken until the expected result is obtained. Since Clear is quantum in nature, the focus is in the unseen realm first and then the results of that work will eventually be seen and felt. Time and regular use of Clear are needed for manifestation in the body.

What kind of results can I expect to see?2019-04-23T16:02:57-06:00

While this varies with each individual, some of the subtle changes people have experienced are increased energy, feeling and looking healthier, weight loss, decreased appetite, improvement in sleep patterns, clearer thoughts, increased decision-making abilities, more emotional stability, and better life perspective.

How often is Clear used?2019-07-03T09:54:48-06:00

 It is recommended that you follow the directions on the label, 2 one half droppers full twice daily.

How is Clear taken?2019-07-03T09:55:44-06:00

Clear is designed to be ingested through the mouth. Each 4 oz. bottle comes with a dispensing dropper. Squeeze the dropper, allowing it to fill in the glass pipette 1/2 full. Remove from the bottle and put the product directly into the mouth. Depending on the amount recommended on the product label, repeat the above process and swallow.

Will Clear interfere with any medications or supplements I am taking?2019-07-03T09:56:41-06:00

Since Clear is pure energy, it is working above the cellular level. It will not interfere with anything you are taking and will not produce any side effects.

Is Clear safe for children?2019-07-03T09:57:35-06:00

Clear can be used at any age with no adjustment to the recommended amounts, but always check with your child’s physician prior to use.

Can I use Clear during pregnancy?2019-07-03T09:58:20-06:00

While Clear is safe during pregnancy, please consult your healthcare provider before doing so.

Can Clear be used long-term?2019-07-03T09:59:18-06:00

Clear is safe to use and is recommended for extended use until desired results are achieved and beyond to keep the desired result.

Will I experience any type of detox while taking Clear?2019-07-03T10:01:16-06:00

Since Clear removes frequencies, it is possible that you may experience some type of detox while taking Clear. Some of the more common symptoms might include fatigue, headaches, bowel disturbances, minor skin irritations, etc.  If your symptoms persist, please contact us and your healthcare provider.