Advanced Science was developed to fulfill a need for true and comprehensive wellness. After much research in and outside of science, the importance of energy and its connection in the human body was discovered. The principles of quantum physics are the basis for the products Advanced Science has created, and they work by using frequencies to identify disturbances in energy flow that ultimately impact cellular health.

All cells depend on an energy message to properly function, so if there is a disruption in the communication to the cell, the cell will cease to function properly. Hence, sickness and disease manifest. It is true that all things seen come from the unseen, so if something dysfunctional is seen, one must strive to determine where in the unseen that problem occurs.

This is exactly what Clear does.  It is pure energy (frequency driven) entities that resonate with the frequencies of the being to remove any interferences in the unseen that create the problem in the seen. Clear is our signature product that works tirelessly to accomplish the removing of unwanted frequencies and rebalances and realigns energy pathways to create an uninterrupted flow of energy for a healthy spirit, soul, and body. Clear renews energy flow and promotes wellness and healing. Clear can be easily added to any current health and wellness program to greatly enhance the outcome.

1. Thought Plane

The thought plane is the top part of the unseen being that includes the mind. It provides the area where thoughts are processed and communication occurs between the unseen mind and the physical brain. The thought plane is instrumental in communicating between where the thought realm and thought plane converge, which is all based on positive or negative energy thoughts. Uninterrupted energy flow throughout the thought plane is essential to a healthy being and for a strong connection to the physical body.

2. Emotion Plane

The emotion plane houses feelings and emotions. Feelings trigger emotions which then cause an action. Feelings will either move you toward positive emotions or toward negative emotions. The being is created to take authority over feelings and to not be ruled by them. A negative feeling does not need to trigger a negative emotion. Healthy energy flow through the emotion plane along with emotion management and keeping emotions positive is paramount to manifesting a healthy physical body.

3. Ethereal Plane

The ethereal plane is the transition plane between the unseen realm and the seen realm. The seen realm, where the five senses become relevant, is a part of who we are physically. This plane is the start of important communication for healthy cellular processes that our physical body is dependent on. This communication extends into the next plane, the physical plane, where the details of communication are carried out.

4. Physical Plane

This plane is a superimposed plane on our physical body that communicates all the energy messaging necessary for having a healthy physical body. It communicates cellular messages as well as messages to our central and peripheral nervous systems. It is instrumental in keeping the flow of energy messaging moving forward and connecting backward to continue an ebb and flow of information that keeps the body healthy and transitioning from a being to a body. Healthy energy flow at this level is necessary for energy healing to take place.

5. Thought Realm

This realm is part of the external energy planes but has a direct connection to the internal thought plane through thoughts. The thought realm reacts with positive and negative energy and it captures truth or lies. The mind connects with the thought realm through positive or negative thoughts. Positive thoughts are generated by truth and negative thoughts are generated by lies. Both thoughts can be captured, but the truth will always predominate and set free. Lies build strongholds in the mind that allow for energy to be changed and cause distractions from the original flow of designed energy. Negative thoughts must be replaced by positive thoughts to breakdown strongholds so positive energy flow from the original frequency will respond with the physical body for a positive changed outcome by the new energy flow.

  • Positive Energy = Truth

  • Negative Energy = Lies

Clear was created to address all the realms, planes, and dimensions relevant to the human being. It will rebalance, realign, and enhance energy flow where needed by removing energy interferences and creating a clear pathway from the original frequency flow of energy.