“I’m 67 years old and I started using Clear about a year ago.  After just a few days my thought clarity improved. As time went on my thoughts and my ability to concentrate were sharper than ever. Additionally, though I’ve always slept well, I started to dream like never before.”

Steve B, 67

“It’s been a year since my husband and I began taking Clear. Over the course of this year we have both experienced very significant responses to these products. My husband suffers from seasonal allergies and vertigo. Soon after he started taking Clear he noticed that he wasn’t suffering through the sneezing bouts that he was so familiar with. He also experienced more even and clear thinking and this was especially helpful because we were having to work through some major life decisions regarding family businesses and properties. My experience with Clear has brought me to a new level of freedom from fear and anxiety.  My thoughts and responses to my thoughts are much healthier and I’m feeling more confident and hopeful for the future.”

Kristen D, 43

“I’ve had off and on health issues my whole life, but particularly in my 60s. I had a bad case of rheumatic fever and was on penicillin for years with doctors telling me I will be on it the rest of my life as it would be life threatening for me to have strep again. I then developed severe gut and digestion issues, along with parasites. My immune system was weak and I seemed to easily pick up colds. Severe tiredness would come over me regularly, and I had many symptoms of fibromyalgia (joint and muscle pain and stiffness). I managed to stay off of medications, but worked very hard staying above water with supplementation and other natural treatments. I’ve used Clear for several years and especially noticed that it helped when I felt I was coming down with something. This past year I started using Clear more faithfully.  My immune system is much stronger and I have not been sick. My energy has increased and I don’t have the same highs and lows. My pain has lessoned. My digestion is improving. I need far less supplementation and treatments. My thinking is clearer, and my recall much better. I am able to stay more clear under stressful situations, as opposed to being confused. My love for scripture has also increased and I feel I get more understanding from the Word.”

Bonnie B, 72

“I have taken Clear nearly every day for over a year, and one thing that I can’t stress enough about the product is that it brings peace of mind. I am never sick or in pain, and the new experiences of going to college, honing in on a career, and starting an adult life, for example, have not subjected me to the same stresses that my peers are experiencing every day; I owe a lot of that to Clear. It is reassuring that by just taking a few seconds out of my day to take Clear and I will have the strength to take every day head on with a clear mind.”

Bryce D, 20

“Since using Clear my teeth and gums are less sensitive and sore. They feel healthy and strong again.  Also my thoughts are more clear and focused. Now I can walk into a room and remember why I went there.”

Kay H, 79

“Since taking Clear, I’ve noticed that I’m much bolder and easily do things that I would have been afraid to do in the past. I’ve also noticed my metabolism increase which has helped me to lose weight, and not struggle with weight fluctuations. I am also aware that I am able to listen and empathize with others without taking on their emotions. I’m more able to stay calm and collected in stressful situations. During my cycles, I’m less irritable, tired and have less fluid retention. When I’m feeling extra stressed in my thoughts with school work or a project coming up, taking Clear has helped me to move to a place of focus and problem solving, instead of working from a place of stress and frustration.”

Jenna Y, 17

“For years I suffered from a nagging cough and pain in my joints. It seemed no matter what I tried, I only gained temporary relief through the use of anti-inflammatory medications and never really achieved any sustaining results. I have been consistently taking Clear for approximately six months. While there was no overnight ‘magical cure’, I can honestly say now, that my cough has significantly cleared and the pain in my joints and throughout my body has diminished to allow me to resume activities I have not performed in quite some time.”

William D, 60

“I have been using Clear regularly for the past 5 years. While using this product, I have experienced several positive changes in my life. I used to suffer from a leg length discrepancy that I no longer have in which I attribute to using Clear. I have also noticed an encouraging change in my mood and the way I think about things.”

Kaylyn D, 21

“Ten years ago, in my early 60s, I injured my knee playing basketball. I had difficulty for years with everyday activities being uncomfortable and often causing pain and swelling. Going up and down stairs was difficult. Five years ago I started taking Clear and my knee has steadily improved. Even to the point where at 73, I ran my first half marathon. I rarely have knee discomfort and participate in many activities without any discomfort. This past Christmas I went snow skiing for two days as we do most every year. Of all my children and grandchildren, I was the only one who was not sore!”

Wendell B, 74

“I was playing games with my high school and college-age grandchildren when my brain felt foggy and I just was having difficulty concentrating on the game. I took Clear; the fog immediately cleared and I ended up winning the game soundly. My grandchildren now give me a hard time saying I’m not allowed to take Clear when we play games as it’s cheating.”

Bonnie B, 72

“I used to experience brain fog and a heightened sense of over-stimulation when subjected to loud noises and crowds. For example, when I wanted to purchase something from a store like Best Buy, I wished I could browse the store and take my time, but instead I felt a sense of confusion, lack of focus, and a need to get what I came for and get out as quickly as I possibly could. After taking Clear consistently for over six months, I no longer experience that sense of being overwhelmed and distracted when I go into places that used to put me in a state of panic.”

Bill D, 60

“I really felt like I was nearing the end. I was so sick and getting sicker by the day. The pain was bone deep and I was bedridden for 7-8 months, able only to care for myself. I only saw people who came to see me. Riding in a car was excruciating due to the movement and light. When I had fought back after the first bout of the unknown illness, I had managed to get back to having some life outside of bed. This time, I was growing sicker by the day. During this time, I had managed to make it to a Dr. appointment and was diagnosed with Lyme disease. There was peace in knowing what it was…but there was grief in knowing what a devastating illness it is. I was put on 2 antibiotics, anti-fungals, probiotics and many other supplements. At the end of 4 months, I was in a fetal position because I could not eat due to the damage it had done to my gut. On top of that, I wasn’t any better.

A friend of mine had heard of two people who had Lyme and they were better. She gave me their info and I contacted them. They both were doing much better. I asked what they were doing and they both said they were taking Clear from Advanced Science. I promptly began taking it faithfully as was instructed. That appointment was November 14, 2012. When my son came home from college for Christmas, I asked him if he thought I was better. He told me yes, he could tell that I was doing better. I was so excited to hear that because I was thinking the same thing.

Fast forward to February 16, 2013….it was my daughter’s wedding! I was not only there but I was dancing the night away! I cannot bear to think what that wedding season would have been if I had not gotten on Clear!”

Gigi S, 58

“I experience so much more clarity!! Problems are easier to solve and I have better recall. I consider myself an overall healthy person but with Clear my health has improved, my immune system is stronger, and my physical strength has increased. I just feel really good! Things that would have flustered me or been upsetting in the past, I now laugh about. The products also help to clear my sinus passages and lungs when I’m dealing with allergies.”

Roland O, 74

” I’m 64 years old and have been using Clear for just under a year. The amount of mental clarity and my problem-solving ability has never been this “Clear”!”

Linda B, 64

“Since taking Clear faithfully, I hardly ever get sick. Not even in the winter when everyone else seems to be coughing or sneezing. On the rare occasion a virus does get a hold, the severity of the symptoms are nominal and the length of the illness is cut in half or even less! My allergies are better too. I can’t say enough about this product.”

Linda H, 60

“The things that I have noticed in the past year to eighteen months of using Clear are:
Increased Energy: I have even energy without the extreme highs and lows, and use far less caffeine
Sounder Sleep: I sleep deeper, dream more, and need less sleep to feel rested;
Recover Faster: I need much less recovery time from big days and strenuous workouts, and can have more big days in a row without the exhaustion;
Fewer Fear Thoughts: My thoughts are far more peaceful;
PTSD Gone: I rarely am triggered and when I am, it’s far less severe;
Stronger Immune System: I hardly ever get sick anymore.
Less Supplementation and Natural Intervention: and what I continue to do works much faster and lasts much longer;
Balanced Hormones: My hormones are more balanced, even through peri-menopause, and my metabolism is more efficient;
Improved Digestion: I no longer have bloating and gas issues with foods and can eat most anything;
Stiff, Painful Joints Gone: I have far less aches and pains.”

Laura B, 42